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Ashes of Creation Character Stat Revamp Underway Before February Test

Plus more details from the live stream

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ashes of Creation team hosted a live stream yesterday which covered off a range of topics including a character stat revamp ahead of the February test.

That revamp is currently underway, and is meant to potentially debut in the February test. If you missed the test dates, testing is set to begin this month. The next test phase will be scheduled for February 19. Both the December and February tests will be under NDA. However, the March test will not. Finally, Alpha One will begin in in April and run for one month.

The live stream also covered updates from the design team and the environment team. Interestingly, they revealed that the Alpha 0 island has now been replaced by the Alpha One map. Additionally, there will be a new biome which is in development.

The stream also featured some Q&A. One question focused on solo players getting overrun by group players. The team responded, explaining that they are building a game focused on a large number of players,

“ There’s plenty of solo RPGs out there, but we are building an MMORPG, the game is designed around a massive amount of players, so you will have to interact with players from an economic standpoint and so much more. You will have node citizenship chat, religion chat, scholar chat, and so many other micro communities to form relationships.”

They added that they are not trying to make a game for everyone, rather, one with a set goal and focus,

“While we will provide solo content, there will be group content that requires working together with others. We are not trying to make a game for everyone. We accept that we are not making a game that everyone will want- And that is okay.”

You can check out an unofficial summary here.


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