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Ashes of Creation Asks You About Crafting

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next Dev Discussion is here from the Ashes of Creation team. This time, they want your thoughts on crafting.

The question this week centers around crafting systems and mechanics. Specifically, the team at Intrepid Studios want to know what crafting systems and mechanics you’ve enjoyed from various other games and why. Additionally, they want to know what percentage of your time you spend in these systems.

As one can expect, several responses instantly transpired in the Ashes of Creation forums. One post asks the team to create a crafting system for players who love crafting, and not for players who hate crafting,

“And by that I mean, all too often we see complaints from players about “tedium” or “grind” or “inconvenience” surrounding some of the typical actions involved in crafting. Maybe it’s inventory management, or the time it takes to craft something.”

Yet another post notes the difficulty of implementing crafting systems into MMORPGs and that sometimes, it feels like their inclusion is merely to complete a checkbox of expected features,

“Crafting systems can be hard for MMO’s to do right. It also feels like a lot of them do it to tick a box rather than it being something that is part of character identity. If we take Armour crafting examples from most MMO’s, its more so about unlocking appearances for transmog than using it to actually making gear you need and will be useful.”

Time for your chime in. What are your thoughts on such systems and mechanics? In recent Ashes of Creation news, the June Alpha One has bee delayed further and will now occur in July. Steven Sharif noted in his post to the community that the launch of other titles would affect the testing and feedback of the alpha.

Additionally, Sharif recently clarified the Content Creator Program. You can read up on his comments here.


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