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Ashes of Creation Announces Next Live Stream

Submit your questions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios will host another Ashes of Creation live stream. Submit your questions now.

The next live stream will take place on Friday, October 30 at 11a PDT. As usual, you can submit your questions ahead of time by posting on their forum. As a reminder, the team will select 10 questions randomly and discuss them during the live stream. The deadline to submit questions will be October 29 at 11a PDT – so one day before the live stream.

Several folks have already chimed in with questions of their own. For example, posters are asking for more detail into how exactly main story quests will work,

“Could you give us a little bit more detail on how the ‘’main story quests’’ work ? If they are the ''narrative'' bit of the quests, would they take us all around Verra or be specific to a node with each one having its own version of the story?”

Other questions ask about loot rules, ranked areas, and more. What would you like answered?


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