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Ashes of Creation AMA Scheduled for June 13

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next AMA for Ashes of Creation has been announced. That date is June 13. Read on for more details.

The AMA is scheduled for June 13 at 11a PT and will run for roughly one hour. You can watch the stream over on the official Twitch channel. And if you have a question for Creative Director Steven Sharif, you can post that question on the official AMA thread on Reddit.

However, you’ll have until this Friday to submit your questions. After that, the team will gather the most upvoted comments to pose to Steven. As expected, the Reddit thread already has tons of questions.

One question touches on the potential to run business,

“Can we run any businesses? Ik you mentioned things like taverns, but I'm curious if there's anything else you all had planned.

Side note: would our business count as our freehold?”

Other questions touched on quests,

“Hi, I personally really enjoy quests in MMO's and/or RPG's. Where for example GW2 only has events and mainstory quests but no sidequests. And Runescape (both osrs and rs3) have the short to long adventures where you travel over the world map to puzzle out a story or complete an item. And then of course games like WoW have the quests like kill and/or collect X of Y(fetch quests).

What type of quests or ways to experience story elements are planned for Ashes of Creation?”

Ashes of Creation held a live stream at the end of last month. If you missed it, we have a summary here. And if you’ve been playing the alpha, the verbal NDA lifted. However, the visual NDA is still very much in place.


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