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Ashes of Creation Alpha One Begins Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Today is the day Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One playtest begins in earnest after a few delays. If you’re one of those backers looking to hop in, here are some details.

As a quick recap, the Alpha One test was delayed out of April earlier this year into June 1. However, the Alpha One received another delay from June to July 14 (tomorrow). The reason for the delay was cited as the release of several other MMO expansions like Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic. Oh and by the way, check out our review of Burning Crusade Classic here.

If you’re looking to participate in the Alpha One test, you’ll need to have purchased the Adventure pre-order pack. If you haven’t purchased it, you still have the chance until August 13 to part with $500 for the pre-order package.

As to what Alpha One playtesting will entail, it’s set to run through August 13, so you’ll have a month to jump in and check out the content. Alpha One is set to stress test the server deployments in addition to player concurrency. Additionally, features will be tested like the node system, gathering experience, looting, party systems, caravans, and much more.

The Alpha One wiki also includes an FAQ. If you’re looking to participate, do note the NDA has been dropped. It was previously noted that only the verbal NDA had been lifted. But as of this past weekend’s Alpha One preview, all NDA had been lifted.

If you missed it, check out our impressions from the Ashes of Creation Alpha One preview weekend here.


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