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Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 Sneak Peak Due March

Discuss hybrid combat, and more

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[Editor's Note] - The title and opening sentence have been changed to more accurately reflect that a preview of Alpha 1, and not Alpha 1 itself, is due sometime this month. We apologize for this error.

In case you missed it, a sneak peak Alpha 1 for Ashes of Creation is set for release sometime this month in March.

Additional details were announced on a recent live stream with the team. If you recall, GDC has been postponed due to Coronavirus, but the team still plans on previewing Alpha 1. Additionally, the team still plans on meeting with partners virtually instead of at the event as originally planned.

A new studio tour will be completed once the team has finished their move. The team is still intent on moving away from Xsolla as well.

During the stream,  Jeffrey Bard, Ashes' lead designer broke down some of the design goals of the team moving towards the Aplha 1 preview, specifically mentioning hybrid combat. 

"The goal is to have hybrid combat mostly figured out. We'll still have a lot of iterations to go beyond this, but figuring out how action actually works in the MMO, with all of the things we've learned from [Apocalypse]."

With the teaser, viewers can expect to see the cleric, the tank and the mage - though Jeffrey mentions what you'll see is "mostly weapons-based."

Also teased on stream was Dwarves coming in Alpha 1. The team mentions that they are excited to showcase the new Dwaven content in the March preview.

An extensive Q&A was also posted covering off topics like the combo system, guild benefits, raids and dungeons at launch (“many”), speech bubbles, and more. You can read the transcription or watch the video below.



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