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Ascent: infinite Realm Will Let You Build a House That Can be Resource Rich

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Ascent: Infinite Realm players will be able to own a piece of the game world and will be able to turn it into their own resource-rich environment. Adventuring through the game will yield seeds that can be taken home and cultivated for foodstuffs. Players would also be able to find resources on other home plots including a fishing pond, mine, trees, crop farming or animal farming to name a few. Players can specialize in a few resources or use all plots for "a little bit of everything".

Today we want to tell you a little about obtaining resources. While exploring the world of A:IR you will often come across resources that can be gathered, including “seeds”. Those “seeds” can be cultivated in your residence area and will return bigger rewards after a while. The term “seeds” can be understood literally when growing your own crop or more figurative when dropping your big catch in your private pond to start fish breeding.

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Suzie Ford

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