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Ascent: Infinite Realm Teases Pets

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent blog post (via Reddit), Ascent: Infinite Realm outlines pets and provides a slew of screenshots.

The snippet reads, 

“Pets are often mistaken for just being simple animals that are cute and lovely but not in A:IR. Besides being cute and loving, pets are companions to their masters who are soul-bound to them as they explore the world together. They are friends who never betray each other and will stay by each other’s side until the end.

However, after the recent discovery of an ex-pet that has become inactive after being unbound to a master, pets have started to gain public attention again. Some historical records were also found with the ex-pet. The records come from an exploration journal that has information including the master and the pet’s name and state that their souls became bound together. From this journal, one thing is certain which is that this master and the pet have traveled together in adventures for a very long time.”

The post continues, discussing the benefits of owning more than one pet,

“According to research, masters who possess pets are more efficient in all activities and that is the reason why both the Vulpin and Ontari continue to invest in their research of pets. This is the reason that pets are highly recommended and suggested to all the people since the research into pets will continue to uncover new insights in the future.”

Check out the full post along with additional screenshots here.


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