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Ascent: Infinite Realm Previews Warlord, Assassin, Elementalist, Mystic & Gunslinger Classes

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From the "how'd we miss this" files, it appears that the Ascent: Infinite Realm team posted a brief preview of a number of classes in mid-February. Viewers can get a look at concept art and read a bit about each of the five classes: Warlord, Assassin, Elementalist, Mystic and Gunslinger.

This month we bring you some new character screenshots from a few of the playable classes found within A:IR and a short explanation of the design. We hope you enjoy the thought and care that went into each of these classes. Also, please keep in mind that, we are showing only one gender image per class here, but all the classes will have both male and female options to choose from. A:IR will not have gender locked classes.

Unfortunately, there are no updates or information about when testing opportunities will open up, or where in development A:IR actually is. 

In the meantime, you can peek at the five classes on the Ascent: Infinite Realm forum.

Asked & answered, @Mikeha! Thanks for reminding me to go look! :)


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