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As WildStar's Days Come to an End, Carbine Reveals the Story We'll Never See

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As WildStar enters its final two weeks of existence, the team wanted to provide its community with a peek at the stories that we'll never see in the game. Players would have traveled to Omechron's Keep to meet the Primeval Omechron and set off on a journey of discovery about the creation of Genesis Prime. It's an article packed with lore and concept art and a peek into the game's future that now, sadly, will never come.

The heroes knew exactly where to find Drusera’s physical form: the Lightspire, located deep within Grimvault. Prepared for the greatest battle of their lives, they shattered Drusera’s amber-like prison and released her – and the Entity – into the world. The Entity seized control of Drusera immediately.

Recognizing the origins of the device in the heroes’ hands, it focused its nigh-unlimited power on the group, bent on their destruction. Only through distractions and sacrifices were they able to activate the Protoplasmic Disruptor. In an explosion of light, the Entity scattered into nothing: Drusera was free from the Entity at long last.

The universe was saved from the threat of darkness and destruction at the hands of the Entity. Drusera, for the first time, was free of its corrupting influence. Turning to her friends, she smiled mysteriously, snapped her fingers, and was gone.

You can read the story on the WildStar site.

WildStar's final day is November 28th.


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