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As Players Watch the Rocket Launch, Wily Player Takes Them Out for All-Time Record

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Over the weekend, the latest Fortnite event took place with a special rocket launch that was by all reports quite epic. Many servers were packed to the rafters with players cooperatively watching. However, on one server the viewing party was rather rudely interrupted in their reverie when a player named "Elemental_Ray" took them all out by destroying the platform on which they were standing. The dastardly deed has earned him the top spot on the Leaderboard for Solo Single Match Kills.

How did Elemental_Ray do it? Apparently 48 players struck a truce with one another and had gathered on a single ramp that he destroyed, killing them all. One player tweeted, "A dude with a 0.47 K/D and a 0.60% win ration now holds the ALL TIME SOLO KILL RECORD. He broke a ramp that held 48 people during a Rocket Viewing Party. Absolute legend".

To say the reaction is...mixed...is to understate the matter greatly.

You can check it out below starting at about the 4:50 mark. The second video has a fun look at it for the first couple minutes too.


Suzie Ford

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