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As Extended Alpha Begins, More Players to be Added

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Escape from Tarkov team has posted what will be seen as great news for fans of the forthcoming MMOFPS. Devs are ready to enter 'extended alpha', the imminent precursor to the start of closed beta testing. The client will be updated with new features and content including a raid location, optimization, weapons, group mechanics and more. The best news comes in the announcement that NDA will be lifted so players can stream, create videos, post screens, etc.

As the network gets tuned to accommodate for more players, additional groups will be added:

1st wave: "Prepare For Escape" - 25% of those who don’t have the access yet. 2nd wave: "Prepare For Escape" - 25 more percents of those who don’t have the access yet. 3rd wave: "Left Behind" - 25% of those who don’t have the access yet.

Check out the Escape from Tarkov Facebook page for the full notice.


Suzie Ford

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