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ArtCraft Entertainment Closes $12m in Funding, Details Beta

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall’s J. Todd Coleman shared a Founder’s Update announcing the close of another round of financing for the upcoming MMO.

“As we head into 2020, with beta right around the corner, we are excited to announce the final phase of this strategy is now complete. ArtCraft closed an additional round of financing, in the amount of $12m, to complete Crowfall, launch it and bring it to market.”

The beta was also outlined by Coleman, with invitations sent to those who registered at the official site. Invites will be sent in waves, with hundreds of players at first, then thousands, then tens of thousands. The beta will come after 5.110 (War of the Gods), bug fixing, and polishing. If you want to play in the beta:

  • ALL backers will have access to it as soon as it hits TEST,
  • REGISTERED non-backers will be invited in waves,
  • NON-REGISTERED folks need to register at crowfall.com (and if you get impatient waiting for your wave to be called, you can always back us for immediate access once it goes live).

Check out the full update here.


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