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Armored Warfare Devs Detail How They're Improving the Player Experience

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Armored Warfare site has been updated with a new developer post that lays out the first details for how the team is working to improve the overall player experience in game. The goal of the improvements is to make "the gameplay of Armored Warfare more dynamic and fun". 

To accomplish this, there are a number of changes coming to the game:

  • core gameplay changes including instant queues and improvements to vehicles so that there are "no more sluggish scouts that are supposed to be fast, no more long reload times where you can make a coffee between shots". The goal is action-packed dynamic gameplay
  • mastery of all classes and vehicles doesn't end the game as new challenges will be waiting
  • low-tier adjustments to make them more fun to play along with a progression rate increase
  • PvE difficulty will be overhauled to provide more choice irrespective of Tier
  • Global Operations will be retooled
  • Battalion Activities
  • an improved economy
  • more dynamic gameplay improvements

Read the full details on the Armored Warfare site.


Suzie Ford

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