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Arma Reforger Officially Announced, Arma 4 In Development

Reforger Released Into Early Access Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The leaked documents proved pretty accurate, as today Bohemia Interactive officially announced Arma Reforger, as well as confirmed that the next major installment in the Arma franchise, Arma 4, was in active development.

Arma Reforger acts as a stand-alone installment in the Arma franchise, aiming to bridge the gap between Arma 3 and Arma 4. The new Arma title also debuts the new Enfusion Engine, giving players a playground to go to town in the military sandbox.

Arma Reforger also marks the first time the series has come to consoles, launching on Xbox Series X|S via the Game Preview program. 

Via today's press release:

"As a standalone installment, Arma Reforger serves a platform for players to enjoy the new capabilities of Enfusion as well as to provide valuable feedback for the ongoing development of Arma 4. Besides this, Arma Reforger hopes to empower Bohemia Interactive's dedicated community of modders with an exciting new suite of integrated, in-house Enfusion tools. "

The multiplayer sim brings players back to the island of Everon in the 1980s, right during the waning days of the Cold War. Players can explore the 164 km2 island inspired by Czechoslovakia in one of two multiplayer game modes: Conflict and Game Master. The former is a team deployment mode seeing players work together to overcome the enemy. Game Master is a real-time scenario editor giving players the ability to take a more custom approach to the Arma sandbox.

You can learn more about Arma Reforger on the official website, as well as check out the Road to Arma 4 in a new video embed below.


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