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Arma Reforger Allegedly Leaked, Series Could Finally Be Coming To Consoles

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It looks like Arma's next title will be called Arma Reforger, and could be coming to consoles if a leaked marketing document turns out to be legit.

The guide, leaked to the Gaming Leaks and Rumors Reddit page (as reported by PC Gamer), the marketing guide gives a glimpse into the future of the Arma series, including the title of the next game by Bohemia Interactive, Arma Reforger

The guide, should it turn out to be real, gives a whole new set of fans something to look forward to, as it points to Reforger coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The marketing guide also looks to bridge Arma 3 to the upcoming, much anticipated Arma 4 using Reforger as a way to do so. 

According to the leaked guide, Arma Reforger looks to have a "strong multiplayer focus," and states that future Arma titles will be multi-platform. It also states that while there will be in-game monetization, no DLC or microtransactions are currently being planned. The goal is for Reforger to deliver "a polished sample of Arma 4 gameplay" which is built on Bohemia Interactive's new Enfusion engine.

The upcoming military sim is set during the Cold War, with players battling against either US or Soviet-era forces on the fictional island of Everon. The document details that Reforger will support factions, six vehicles (with multiple variants), combat roles and more. The new title will help establish modes and procedures the team is hoping to use in the upcoming Arma 4, bridging the games and providing a more focused experience. Arma Reforger will also support mods, include a Workshop as well as Game Master editor.

While this should all be taken as a grain of salt, the leak is generally being believed thanks to its proximity to a planned Arma reveal for tomorrow. 


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