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ARK's Aberration Expansion Has Launched On Nintendo Switch

New Creatures and an underwater biome

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Nintendo Switch port of ARK: Survival Evolved just continues to get better, as Grove Street Games has brought ARK's Aberration expansion to the survival game this week.

The Aberration expansion brings with it new creatures to tame, a zipline, as well as a new underwater biome to explore and build within. The new map joins the Scorched Earth expansion on the Nintendo Switch as Grove Street Games starts to bring the survival game to feature parity on the platform with the other consoles and their PC counterpart. 

“Aberration” is a sci-fi, vertigo-inducing, bioluminescent cave system that drops survivors onto a damaged, radioactive ARK, featuring a myriad of lush underground biomes containing exotic new creatures and gear to be acquired or crafted.

Grove Street Games released ARK: Ultimate Survivor edition on the Nintendo Switch earlier this fall, bringing a major, major revamp to the abysmal Switch port that existed before it. Using what can only be deemed as black magic, the team was able to get the survival sim to run at 30fps with incredible visual quality for the Switch, improvements to the gameplay, as well as start on the journey which finally sees the various expansions brought to the Nintendo platform.

For a closer look at the improvements made to the Switch version, check out the Digital Foundry analysis in the embed below.

ARK is getting an animated series, with the developers offering a first look earlier this week. Make sure you check that out in the embed below as well.


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