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Arkane Reveals Redfall's Heroes, Says You Can Solo the Co-op Shooter, But You'll Do It Without Even AI Help

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After Bethesda delayed the game into 2023 following a quiet period, Arkane is finally beginning to peel back some of the layers to its upcoming vampire-filled, co-op first-person shooter, Redfall. Redfall is Arkane’s first co-op game, though you will be able to solo with any of the available heroes. That very fact is the subject of a new devblog introducing just how things will work.

Arkane Studios is known for its narrative-centric single-player campaigns, so this is both a departure from that format and something that is deliberately including solo players who want to go along for the ride. 

You can play alone, but you won't get backing from AI teammates, if it's solo then it will be solo. Since there are vampires lurking around and cultists and all kinds of dangers around, the world may feel a little more threatening if you are deciding to go it alone.

Yet, teamwork is one of the central mechanics of the game if you’re looking to build familiarity and learn to work together to take on this world’s threats. The Arkane team also introduces us to the heroes of Redfall in a separate blog. Vampires have taken over the island and you will be able to put your faith in a combat engineer, a college student, a mercenary, and a cryptozoologist to get you through whatever is out there.

Layla, the student, has telekinesis.The cryptid hunter, Devinder “Dev” Crousley, is internet famous and has some knowledge that serves him in making anti-vampire weapons. Jacob, the mercenary, is a vet that took up with a private military company for some mysterious work. How he got a special eye and a raven for a constant companion is yet to be revealed. Finally, Remi, the engineer, has designed robots, including the one with her, Bribón, who can serve as a decoy. She arrived via a search and rescue mission.

These are the heroes you will be choosing from and decide if you want to try to solo the game or figure out how to make these very different people into a solid team. You can find out more about Redfall over at the official site.


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