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Ark: Survival Evolved's Eggcellent Adventure Event Goes Live Today

Plus egg paining contest

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ark: Survival Evolved’s Eggcellent Adventure starts today and is set to run until April 21.

The event will begin at 6p PDT for PC and 8p PDT for Xbox and PS4. You’ll be able to collect special bunny eggs from wild Bunny Dodos. You can then paint them or use in them in special recipes to create new themed item skins like the spear and C4 skin. Dino Candy will also be dropped,

“Collect the candy and feed it to your tames for a special festive effect! To top it all off, wild creatures roaming the ARKs will also find themselves sporting some eggcellent colors!”

The event is set to feature boosts including X Harvesting, 4X Taming, 4X Player XP, 4X Breeding rates on all platforms. Additionally, an egg painting contest is up and running with a prize of $100 for the winner for both an in-game painting contest and real-life painting contest. The entries will be judged by the community team. You’ll be able to enter the contest all month, with April 30 the final day for entry.


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