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ARK: Survival Evolved Update Will Re-enable the Decay Timer

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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ARK: Survival Evolved won't be receiving any new content with next week's update, but at least one major feature will make a return. The decay timer is the system that sees player-created structures deteriorate over time. It was disabled about a month ago after a character-deleting bug cropped up. Disabling the decay system has allowed customer support "to successfully reunite players with their tribes, bases, and tamed creatures".

Players will need to log in any time between now and reset on May 21st to keep their structures intact. "Spam structures" will be cleaned from the server with reset. These are defined as those belonging to players who have not logged in in eight plus days.

Another interesting note is one about the modding community for PC and the inability of console players to use them:

When it comes to talking about mods on console this is a very hot-button topic. We know it stinks to see cool mods being developed by mod makers on PC but not being able to utilize them on Xbox or PS4. There are rare cases where mods are successfully integrated into the game such as Primitive Plus, Ragnarok, and Structures Plus, but not every mod that goes through the Sponsored Mod Program is guaranteed or even likely to be integrated into the game. It is a very lengthy process to get something from a working state into a finished product! 

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