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ARK: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial Lets You Go Wild With Bonuses and Holiday Skins

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If you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US this week or if you just want to take down some Super Turkeys and craft some new holiday centric turkey or celebratory skins, you might want to try the ARK: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 5 event.

The event runs through December 7th, which should give you plenty of time to craft the costumes, brand new ugly sweaters, or even the Dodorex temporary tame creature to help you out. Of course being an event, there are also tons of bonuses, depending on which server you play on. The official servers will offer triple XP, harvesting, taming, and breeding, 0.6 times mating interval, and a 1.5x hexagon bonus. This should speed things up for everyone just a bit. Other server types feature greater bonuses, so pick your challenge if you want to make the most of this scavenger hunt holiday.

If you kill those Super Turkeys you can collect wishbones from every one you take down. Those wishbones are the key to crafting your loot, including letting you unlock some event chibis. These all new dinos include the Deinonychus, Kaprosuchus, Onyc, Tek Raptor, and the Gigantopithecus Chieftain. 

Should you want to get dressed up to mark the occasion, or if you're just feeling like looking like a giant bird, the available event skins include the turkey costume, three variations of ugly sweaters, Dodo Pie swim bottom and top, the Dodorex swim bottom, top, and t-shirt.  You can also gear up with Murder Turkey  swim skins, or for the more traditional folks among you, turkey hat, turkey leg, and even an ugly cornucopia sweater.

Included in the event there will be an EVO event as well. For all the details on the event, you can check out the event page over at ARK: Survival Evolved.


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