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ARK: Survival Evolved Introduces the Fjordur Creatures and the Community Vote Winner

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After releasing Lost Island with three new creatures and a whole bunch of new content, Studio Wildcard is now focusing on 2022. ARK: Survival Evolved will be getting its Fjordur update in June and also announced that a different dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus,  will be released later in 2022 in a separate free update. The team also announced the second Community creature vote that will be coming in the June update. 

Community input has always been important to the developers and it's no surprise here that there is another community vote winner. This time, winning by over 9,000 votes, is Desmodus Draculae.  Historically, this creature was a giant bat. So that's the hint of what we can look forward to when the team shares concept art and a dossier in the coming weeks. Coming in second place was the Carcharodontosaurus, so this makes its upcoming release also influenced heavily by the community vote.

The giant bat will join the Andrewsarchus and the Fjordhawk in the coming update, and those creatures now have concepts and art to preview. The Andrewsarchus is described as opportunistic in temperament, and full of surprises. They're also known for being pretty fast. This will help if you tame one because they'll be great for moving through water  and you can even mount a minigun to the back of its saddle and send it to do light recon.

The Fjordhawk  is more or less what it sounds like.  A bird of prey described as having a calculating temperament,  it scavenges the lands and manages to avoid danger while also sometimes swooping in to catch its next meal. If you tame them, your hawk will be playful and loyal, and their observant nature can also help you retrieve items.  If you're killed your hawk will fly off with  your belongings and once you respawn, this bird will bring your stuff back to you.

For more on these creatures and the week ahead, head to ARK: Survival Evolved.


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