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ARK: Survival Ascended Developer Kit Update Adds Transfers and Tons of New Modding Depth and Options

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Studio Wildcard has released a major update to the ARK Development Kit, introducing more options for modders to shape their experiences. Additions include a custom cosmetics system, the ability to transfer items, and a Simple Game Framework.

The custom cosmetics system lets you apply different player -generated costumes to both player characters and dinosaurs, as well as new skins to armors and weapons, and even reskin the game's structures. This includes both visual and functional enhancements, and you can add these to any server, including the official ones. The teamhas five examples that you can download and start using on the official servers, with the source content also available. Studio Wildcard will also add additional content including the ability to add new hairstyles and to add emotes to the game. 

In the announcement of the update, they show off a few examples of the new options.

Transfers are also now available, after some delays. You can move items, characters, and creatures all around the map on official servers for now, without restrictions. Support for unofficial servers is on the way, to be added later.

The Simple Game Framework and platformer game demo are also in this update. This framework will let you build new games inside of ARK. This mod tool set will let you create entirely new  experiences, bring in your original content and create them as cross-platform mods. To get started, there’s a demo of a platformer to let you see how it works, play a bit, and get to brainstorming how to create something of your own. 

ARK: Survival Ascended modders can now get to really tailoring the experience, with mods created on PC also having cross-platform support.


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