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ARK PS4 Players in Asia To Receive Limited Server Access for Short Period of Time following Genesis Launch

May not extend beyond 72 hours

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Studio Wildcard has shared an update for ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Asian Genesis.

The team posted yeseterday how PS4 players will only be able to access PS4 official servers in Asia for a short period of time following the launch of Genesis at 4p PST / 7p ET today,

“As we prepare for launch at 4 PM PST tomorrow, we have some important news for our survivors in the Asian region.  Immediately following the Genesis launch, PS4 survivors in our Asian regions will only be able to access PS4 official servers in the Asian region for a short period.  We don't expect this exclusion to extend beyond 72 hours, but we will keep you updated with any future developments.  You will also not be able to join any un-official servers that have updated to a Genesis build due to the content mismatch and the lack of a region-specific Genesis update.”


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