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ARK: Genesis Part 2 Released, Bringing The Dino-Survival Game's Story To A Close

Leads Into ARK 2

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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ARK: Survival Evovled is closing out it's narrative with its Genesis Part 2 update, which went live yesterday. The new content brings the story to a close, while also leading into what players can start to expect when ARK 2 releases down the road.

Genesis Part 2 will see players complete the story started six years ago when Survival Evolved first launched into Steam Early Access. ARK, which has since launched on a multitude of platforms ranging from Xbox to the Nintendo Switch, sees players traveling not just around a new map, but also into deep space to confront the big bad of the game to close out the narrative.

Via the press release:

"In Genesis Part 2, Survivors will explore a vast new world teeming with strange biomes and exotic creatures, while engaging in story-oriented missions that test their mettle, ingenuity, and survival skills. This final confrontation between the sprightly HLN-A and the deranged Sir Edmund Rockwell takes place on a gigantic colony ship travelling through deep space, and players will need to use all their ARK experience to survive!"

Notably, Sir Edmund Rockwell is played by Doctor Who's David Tenant, while Medeleine Madden takes the role of HLN-A/Helena Walker in the DLC. Getting big name stars in the game shouldn't surprise anyone, as it was announced last year that Vin Diesel would be starring in ARK 2. 

ARK: Genesis Part 2 sees new story missions, new gear and creatures to overcome in the conclusion to the Genesis expansion. Players who already own ARK can grab the DLC separately or through the Season Pass. For those new to the game and need to grab all the DLC as we wait for ARK 2 to make its arrival, you can grab the recently released Ultimate Survivor Edition, which includes the base game and all of the released DLC, inclduing Genesis Part 2.


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