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Arid, A Survival Game Made By University Students, Is Free To Check Out On Steam

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In the gaming world where survival games are a dime a dozen, a team of university students has created a new one for players to check out - and it's totally free. Arid, a survival game that plunks you down in the middle of a desert to try to survive, is free to check out on Steam.

Created by students over at the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Arid itself has been released onto Steam out of Early Access in late June, giving survival fans a new game to check out without any real obligation. Set in the 1930s, your plane crashes in the desert over the Atacama Desert in South America, one of the driest, non-polar deserts on the planet. 

Via the Steam listing:

As a singleplayer survival open world, Arid aims at delivering a semi-hardcore experience that does not handheld the players. After a guided onboarding the player will be left to explore and progress the story how they prefer. Will you find and repair all the refuges on the map? Will you explore for additional resources? How many days can you survive?

While it's officially out of Early Access, you're still likely to run into the normal issues that plague unfinished games, but given that this is a free title, it's bound to be a bit more forgivable as the team at the university iterate and work on the title more. You can check out the full release trailer in the embed below, as well as download the survival game for free on Steam.

Ta, PC Gamer.


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