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Argus & Artifacts - Hazzikostas Answers Questions

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During today's World of Warcraft live stream, Blizzard's Ion Hazzikostas answered a flurry of questions over the hour he was on the event stream. He covered a number of topics including artifacts, reforging, mythic plus rewards and changes, the recent "world first" race and upcoming Argus content.

A couple of key take-aways from the event include:

  • the third relic slot on all characters' artifacts will unlock with Argus -- no need to quest to get it done as before
  • all Artifact Knowledge will unlock with 7.3 as well
  • Netherlight Crucible allows players to upgrade relics (from MMO-Champion)
    • The Artifact Trait tree is a steady form of progression.
    • The team wanted to offer two trait relics in Patch 7.2, but ended up removing it.
    • Relics point to a trait by index (1-9). Each class and spec in the game has a relic that maps to trait 5, but that is a different trait for each class or spec. This means relics can't be customized as much as the team wanted to.
    • Relics in the Netherlight Crucible solve some of the problem of Relic availability. Any relic can now have another trait that you wanted.
    • In Patch 7.2 players didn't have enough choice or control over the RNG.
    • In Patch 7.3 you can use the Netherlight Crucible to make a choice, giving you some level of control instead of total randomness. You won't have to have your worst trait, because you can choose not to pick a bad trait.
  • players will continue to be able to unlock artifact appearances post-Legion except for Challenge and +15 Mythic + appearances
  • no new artifact appearances are being made
  • dump your Nethershards. There will be a new currency on Argus that buys 910 gear to assist alts in "catch up"
  • class balance updates are bundled together to hotfix all at once rather than frequently
  • LFR difficulty may have fewer mechanics but the team is invested in making the encounters more meaningful and fun

Check out the full wrap report at MMO-Champion.


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