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ArenaNet Provides Update on Guild Wars 2 WvW Performance Testing

Temporary reduction in WvW map caps

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet earlier provided an update on Guild Wars 2 WvW performance and map cap testing following an initial test last Friday.

That test on July 10 saw a temporary reduction in map caps in WvW in NA and EU. The new cap was 7 per team, a reduction of 21. This week, the team is set to monitor the impact of this reduction and gauge feedback,

“The key feedback that we’ll need from all of you is to get a sense of how the maps feel with fewer players. We still want WvW to feel like WvW, and we realize that any reduction to player counts will have a negative impact on the overall gameplay experience. We will be weighing that negative impact against the positives of any performance improvements to determine if it makes sense to move forward with lower map caps beyond this initial test. If we do move forward with lower map caps, we will also be keeping a close eye on queue times and will increase the number of tiers as needed.”

This was brought on by the skill lag issue plaguing WvW. The team noted that the fix for this issue is not a quick one, rather, will take some time to pin down and sort out. To that end, this temporary reduction in caps is not a long-term solution. They will be continuing investigations to see where the player feedback and their data takes them.


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