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ArenaNet Provides Update on Guild Wars 2 Performance Issues

But no dates for a fix

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet has provided an update on the ongoing reported performance and stability problems in Guild Wars 2. It’s not looking good.

The problems are reported all over the official forums. One such thread, started in June, discusses the lag spikes and disconnects experienced,

“So I have been playing Guild Wars for a few months now and I have had zero issuesd with connectivity until the last few weeks. I thought it might have been my internet so I have updated my in house router and and my download speeeds are hitting 30-50mbs.

In game I play fine but then all of a sudden i'm getting high ping of 400+ and then everything freezes. Eventually I disconnect and get this error code: 7:11:3:202:101”

On July 22, one poster commented,

“Has no one looked into this?? i have been getting this issue for the last month tried everything even submitted a ticket with the same error code still nothing. i thought it was just me but man i cant even play the game anymore i DC every 3 minutes with 7:11:3:202:101”

The comments continue in this and several other threads largely discussing performance. ArenaNet posted a reply which is unfortunately light on details. It seems there doesn’t appear to be a single fix which can rectify these issues,

“The reality is there's no single sweeping change that can fix latency issues for all players, or even most players. There are a large number of factors and situations that can cause lag, and so members of our Engineering, Infrastructure, Design, QA, and Production teams are working with a group of affected players to help identify underlying causes and find solutions.”

We’ll have to stay tuned.


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