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ArenaNet Provides Update on Guild Wars 2 Game Security and Player Reporting

Cocerns around hacking and botting

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet have posted an update on game security and player reporting. Here are some details.

The post came about by community concern regarding hacking and botting. The post mentions that each report is looked at and reviewed by a member of their ops team. They mention that security is also an ongoing process with additional improvements implemented over time. However, they can’t get into specifics,

“While we can’t get into exact specifics around our reporting and security processes since that would jeopardize their effectiveness, we hope to clarify a few misunderstandings of how we steward the game.”

They also mention that they cannot discuss individual accounts for privacy reasons. This means that the outcome of your particular report cannot be disclosed. They also describe account security and share good habits,

“This means not using the same password for your Guild Wars 2 account and others services, like email. You should also turn on two-factor authentication.”

You can read the whole update here.


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