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ArenaNet Outlines Guild Wars 2 Streaming Schedule

Plus anniversary stream for Guild Wars

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet has outlined the streaming schedule for Guild Wars 2 this week, with a special anniversary stream for Guild Wars.

Wednesday, April 29 will see the Guild Wars 2 Art Show hosted by Changer the Elder at 12p PDT. You’ll be able to watch Changer produce some pretty spectacular art during the stream. If interested, you can follow Changer on Twitter.

However, on Tuesday April 28, the team will produce a live stream celebrating the anniversary of Guild Wars. You can join the team as they discuss their favorite memories with the game starting at 12p PT. to that end, the Anniversary Celebration is currently underway in Guild Wars. You can take part in the celebration in Embark Beach.

Be sure to drop in and check out the inventory on the Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith which should have the Anniversary set. Additionally, pick up the Proof of Triumph which will throw an extra random group of enemies your way, in addition to bosses, in four late-game maps.


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