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ArenaNet Making Changes to Guild Wars 2's Stretch Goals Meta-Achievement to Make It Less Grindy

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet is making changes to Guild Wars 2’s Stretch Goals meta-achievement in The Icebrood Saga due to the current grind.

In a forum post, the team explained their reasoning. Currently, the meta-achievement requires all players to finish the collections. As the team puts it, this is quite grindy. Additionally, this grind doesn’t actually reflect the level of difficulty intended with this achievement.

Changes to this will arrive in tomorrow’s build (March 23) and aim to reduce this grind. Here are the changes in question:

  • Prismatium Ingot requirements for crafting the weapons will be reduced from 10 to 5.
  • The Prismatium Ingot recipe will require 5 Prismaticite instead of 10.
  • An alternative Prismatium Ingot recipe which uses more Prismaticite and less Orichalcum will be available from the Olmakhan vendor in Eye of the North.
  • Daily Dragon Responder will reward 10 Prismaticite instead of 6.

Requirements to complete the meta-achievement will be further lowered in a future update. However, you’ll still receive the “/stretch” emote tome in addition to 25 achievement points when you complete certain 26 champion achievements. Also, the full weapon collections will be moved to rare collections category.

The team notes that while they wanted this meta-achievement to be a sort of bonus optional challenge, they misjudged the work required to complete it. Fortunately, it looks like change is arriving tomorrow.


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