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ArenaNet Gives Another Update on Guild Wars 2 Performance Issues

Guild Wars 2: Performance Wars

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a post on the forums from ArenNet, the team would gladly like to inform players that server lag has been greatly reduced in Guild Wars 2 since their December 15th patch that was meant to decrease the severity of performance issue that many players experience.

The post thanks players for their in-game reports, as they congratulate themselves on the reduction of server-side lag. Despite the encouraging news, the team understands that there is still work to be done. You can check out the ongoing thread for more details, or read the post in its entirety below:

Hi again everyone, we have another update for you! We released an update on December 15 and have been watching the results. Since that update we’ve seen a significant and consistent reduction in server-side lag. Thanks to everyone who helped us by using the in-game reporting system. We’re continuing our work to improve your gameplay performance, so please continue reporting if you experience performance issues.

- Fire Attunement.9835, Guild Wars 2 Team

The team first reported that they were going to look into performance issues back in August of 2020. If there is one thing you have to give ArenaNet credit for, it’s that they are consistent in their search for a fix to the ongoing performance hiccups. We hope to see these issues handled before End of Dragons releases later this year.


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