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ArenaNet Co-Founder Jeff Strain's Next Studio Is Crop Circle Games

Backed by $25M USD Investment Fund

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Jeff Strain, known for co-founding ArenaNet, Undead Labs, and more, has announced his new studio venture, Crop Circle Games.

The new studio is helmed by industry veterans, led by Jessica Brunelle, and is the second studio under the Prytania Media label, started by Strain as well. The new studio, much like the previously announced Possibility Space, is fully remote and boasts industry veteran talent at every level. As such, CCG, as well as Possibility Space, are looking to create "groundbreaking new game IP" in an environment that fosters the ability for employees to work where they are the happiest. 

According to Crop Circle Games, the team has a "proven track record for building emotionally engaging narrative-driven sandbox games," though it does stop short of actually confirming that this is what they are working on. However, the studio announced its launch alongside a $25 million USD investment from Transcend Fund and other investors. 

In a press release, Strain stated that it's been a "pleasure" to be part of this team, using his "decades of successfully managing the business behind making games" to help developers flourish.

Says Strain:

“In a dispiriting political, economic, and environmental time of history, what a pleasure to be part of a team creating a joyful, productive zone of creativity, positivity, and innovation. It’s a genuine delight to be using my decades of successfully managing the business behind making games so that developers can focus on the creation of games. Trends come and go in this industry but balancing the non-flashy fundamentals of both game development and managing a business is how you build studios for the long run. I’m really excited to support this world-class team to bring this intriguing and somewhat unconventional title to players.”

Strain made waves last year as he was one of the few major studio executives that called for games industry unionization in the wake of the allegations against Activision Blizzard. Strain has also throughout his years in the industry helped to establish some of its most lasting IPs, from Guild Wars to State of Decay. 


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