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ArenaNet Announces that Runes & Sigils Are Becoming Salvageable

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The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with a new post that should come as welcome news for players. It begins with "runes and sigils are becoming salvageable" and that players will soon find that they will have a lot more bag space. 

When players salvage runes or sigils, they will receive a new type of material called a lucent mote, though other rare materials can also be had through salvaging as well. "Lucent motes can be refined by all crafting disciplines and -- along with symbols and charms -- used in recipes to create sigils and runes.

Because of the new material, there will be many changes for runes and sigils and, of course, the runes and sigils themselves will be retooled.

We’ve aimed to remove randomness in general so you can better evaluate and depend on an item’s benefits. Dubious advantages like gaining aegis when you’re struck can actually encourage you to get hit. This feels odd, and is even worse when getting hit isn’t guaranteed to give you that benefit. So, we’re getting rid of the vast majority of “when struck” upgrades and all of their unpredictability.

The ability to salvage runes and sigils is expected to go live on November 13th.

Read more on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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