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Arenanet Addresses Guild Wars 2 Performance and Latency Issues - More Improvements to Come

The Server Latency Saga

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest comment from ArenaNet, the latency issues that players have been experiencing have been acknowledged as – still ongoing. With that, the team is happy to announce encouraging signs of their efforts to minimize these performance issues, and plan to push out new performance updates in the next several weeks.

Players have been complaining about server latency issues for nearly 6 months now, and during that time ArenaNet has attempted to fix, unsuccessfully, the problems that continue to plague many players. Luckily the team has not given up in the fight against, perhaps the biggest dragon of all, Server Issues. You can read the entire thread dating back to August that addresses these issues, but below is an excerpt from the latest comment:

Hi everyone, back in October we let you know we were continuing to work on the gameplay performance issues. While our initial changes didn’t have the impact we were hoping, we’re happy to report that we’re seeing more success with our ongoing work on server-side latency. We’ll be rolling out updates over the next few weeks and into the new year and will be monitoring their success.

As we said previously, many factors large and small contribute to lag, so we are going to continue working to find and address these to continually improve your gameplay experience. Your use of the in-game reporting system for latency issues continues to be very helpful, so keep those reports coming!

-Fire Attunement.9835 (ArenaNet)

The team last addressed some of these issues in a patch earlier this month. The team is continuing to push forward with content, as the Icebrood Saga winds down in preparation for the next big expansion, End of Dragons.


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