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Archer Ascension Hits Black Desert PS4 March 4

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Archer Ascension will for Black Desert PS4 as part of the latest update March 4.

Ascension for the archer will work like awakening, in that you’ll need to be at least level 56. You’ll also need to accept a quest from the Black Spirit to kick things off. The difference between ascension and awakening is that these specific questions can be completed out of order to receive the awakening weapon.

The official site has a pretty lengthy lore piece surrounding the archer ascension. Here’s a blurb,

“The moon was high in the sky, lighting up Kamasylvia with a beautiful pale white light. The young Luthraghon stood in front of the sacred tree taking in its spectacular luminescent glow. His mind raced as he was searching for direction. He was suffocating in this new open space, but more than that he was drowning in his mind. Where should he go from here? How could he continue to follow his mother’s will? The wind brushed against his face as it blew a leaf from the tree from the branches. He stared at the leaf intent, looking for an answer to his million questions. His purpose was clear before. He was born to protect the roots of the sacred tree. In darkness he found comfort, and now in the light of the world he was out of sorts. This world was foreign to him.”

Ascension skills include:

  • Righteous Smite
    • Fires a huge arrow infused with the power of light at the target. The arrow is slow but the explosion is extremely powerful.
  • Sentinel
    • Empowers Archer’s skills to make them extremely destructive for a limited time.
  • Piercing Comet
    • Shoots an arrow using the long range and explosive capabilities of the Greatbow. It can be charged to increase the area of effect.
  • Ravenous Talon
    • Stuns targets in close range and then creates distance between them.
  • Flow : Light’s Trail
    • Archer moves backwards while shooting, which can be used in various situations as it flows after many skills.


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