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ArcheAge Will Merge Auction Houses, New Version Will Open With Full Content Release on Fresh Start Servers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Kakao Games is continuing to refine the running of ArcheAge after picking up the publishing rights to the franchise last December. This time, as they plan to open all content on the Fresh Start servers, which had been releasing gradually to avoid being swarmed and potential exploits, they’ve also announced plans to merge the auction house.

As a result of these plans, the current auction house will temporarily close on june 7th through the next maintenance. When it reopens, there will be a merged auction house for both Fresh Start and Evo servers. For those players who currently have an auction that will run through the closure dates, it will complete on the date it's supposed to, but once it closes there will be no new additions until the new version reopens.

In the announcement about the auction house, the team indicates that this came after much player feedback and requests for this merge. While the two types of servers attract players for different reasons, having more availability through the auction house  will serve more players and it won't add to any prior trouble on the Fresh Start servers.

Speaking of Fresh Start servers, while content had been trickling out in gated stages, after this maintenance on June 9th, all Fresh Start servers will have full content open. In the earlier part of the transition, Fresh Start servers had their openings delayed until further notice in order to combat powerleveling and stop progression bonuses from being used to exploit. Eventually, the servers began to open, but with content coming on line in stages. It seems like six months of gates are enough, as the full content will be available to play through soon.

You can read the official announcement on the auction house merge and transition, along with Fresh Start servers getting their full opening at ArcheAge.


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