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ArcheAge Update Begins the Cherry Blossom Festival, Polishes Up Quests, and Opens Up More Content

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Today’s ArcheAge update adds a gate to discourage instance cancellations, adds the Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival, improves Faction Activity standards, quests, and adds new content to the fourth new server.

One of the more annoying things that a fellow player can do is to repeatedly cancel instance matchmaking requests. So the  ArcheAge team has added a new gate that will make instances temporarily unavailable for a while if someone repeatedly cancels. This should hopefully make things go smoother and decrease player frustration.

Also in this update is a content release for the fourth new server. Content has been gradually added, and this time,  Charybdis, Glorious Lunagem, and Honor Point Lunagem T5, T6 (Luna Charm Rank 4–6) open up. They’ve also improved the Faction Activity Standards in an effort to promote the Exile content. The adjustments will vary per individual server to be consistent with each server’s conditions.

Quests got some polish, with several improvements to "Diamond Shores Guard" , "Guardian of Sungold Fields", "Guardian of Reedwind", and "Guardian of Exeloch" weekly quests and boosted rewards for each upon completion.

This update also begins the Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival. Villanelle will become a Peace Zone for the festival, which runs through May 5th. You'll be able to accept a Cherry Blossom Festival Quest, other quests like Cherry Rice wine, Keep Lutesong Pink, Sweet Celebration, Honeybee Hunter, and much more. These daily and event quests will give you rewards of Festival coins, which you can trade for rewards. All of the festival quests are available for all characters level 10 and above. They reset every day at 9 p.m. Pacific time 

The update also fixes a number of issues, including one where players weren’t getting XP when defeating Black Thorn Prison monsters, and another where the quest alert window wasn’t refreshing properly or staying updated.

See the full notes over at ArcheAge.


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