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ArcheAge Update Adds New Raid, Begins Events, and Adds the Brilliant Erenor Cloak

Kakao is also planning downtime to fix a major crash bug

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ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained have gotten some updates to kick off April. Some new events are also starting, but the Kakao Games team is also working to fix a crash bug that is making the game client shut down. A fix for that should be coming tomorrow.

The update for today adds some new content to the Fresh Start server, including The Black Dragon raid and The Hereafter Rebellion solo instance. You can find the raid in Red Dragon’s Keep in the Karkasse Region. If you are on a vehicle near the feet of the Black Dragon, the dragon will destroy the vehicles. Beware of its fire  if you want to be rewarded.

The brand new Brilliant Erenor Cloak has been added. This item, which you can craft, can give significant bonuses to things like health, attack speed, and movement speed. To obtain one you'll have to craft or upgrade one using the Radiant Erenor Cloak Awakening Scroll, which is also a new item in this update. 

There are several events starting including the returning Rock’n’Scroll event, which is here through April 28th. You can obtain a free Ruby- Rank 1 for your level 55+ character and get Gem Upgrade Scrolls for every 30 minutes you're logged in. You will be able to upgrade your gems and upgrade the Ruby up to rank 12 and trade for rewards. Another event, the free daily Manastorm event, Lets you pick up 10 free Manastorm crystals per account every day from the marketplace. This runs through April 14th. 

A major issue affecting the game was that some players were finding that their client would shut down suddenly and all of the ui's, from mail, to character info go to anything they needed were invisible. Kakao has announced that they are going to hold an emergency maintenance to fix this bug tomorrow. Expect downtime to begin April 2, 2022 around 8 a.m. UTC, which is 1 a.m. Pacific.

For full details on the new content update, see the notes here. For details on tomorrow’s crash fix, see this post at ArcheAge.


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