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ArcheAge Unchained's Season 7 ArchePass Starts December 17

Plus an Advanced Pass

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Not be left behind, ArcheAge Unchained’s own Season 7 of their ArchePass is beginning on December 17.

The weekly mission limit will still sit at 20 missions. This pass, dubbed the Ostrich Pass, is set to run until February 11, 2021. The pass will features a bunch of rewards, offering 20 levels of rewards. These rewards include such things like Gilda Star x30 | 30-Day Traveler’s Blessing, Bound Hereafter Stone x50 | Diligence Coin x50, Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1 | Synthium Soap x1, and more.

They’s also introducing an Advanced Pass which includes 40 tiers for both free and premium paths. Unlike the standard pass, this Advanced Pass does not have an end date. It’s meant to sit next to the Monthly Pass and the Basic Pass. If you want this Advanced Pass, you’ll have to unlock it for 3000 credits.

Some examples of rewards for this Advanced Pass include Fortune Box x8 | Diligence Coin x100, Gilda Star x30 | Kyrios Badge x50, Building Management Title x2 | Building Management Title x2, and more. You can check out all the details on these two passes here.


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