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ArcheAge Unchained Team Insists New Marketplace Items Will 'Not Offer A Pay-to-Win Advantage'

Changes based on community feedback

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new forum post outlining some upcoming changes to the marketplace, the ArcheAge Unchained community team insisted that these changes would not offer a Pay to Win advantage.

The post actually begins by recognizing community feedback regarding item sales in the game. And due to the feedback, some changes will be made. The post then takes a moment to explain “pay to win” stating,

“We would like to explain the term “Pay-to-Win" item because we have found out that this might lead to confusion. A “Pay-to-Win" item gives an ultimate advantage over someone who does not own this or a similar item. So long as we ensure there are other ways to get a specific item, it is not considered as “Pay-to-Win". If it saves you time, it is not considered as “Pay-to-Win" because you can compensate by playing more or having different tactics.”

To that end, they commit to being “as open and transparent with you as possible.” These following categories will therefore be available for Credit purchases this week:

  • Bound Anywhere Warehouse
  • Personal Any-Post Owl
  • Bound Arcane XP Restoration Scroll
  • Synthium Soap
  • Saving Pendant

The team stresses again that these items wont’ offer a pay to win advantage, rather,

“These items will increase the quality of your time spent in ArcheAge: Unchained and provide a fair chance of progression for everyone. Please note, these items will not be removed from the Diligence Store and will exist alongside its Credit counterparts.”

You can check out the full forum post here.


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