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ArcheAge Unchained PTS Open To Founders Players Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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ArcheAge's B2P version, Unchained, was originally slated to hit digital shelves late September, but a short delay saw the MMO slip to middle of October. However, players can hop in the action now, provided they pre-ordered the Founders Pack.

Currently the PTS is available to those players giving access to both the new B2P version of ArcheAge and the Shadows Revealed update slated to hit both Unchained and the F2P version of ArcheAge

The PTS grants access to the new features of ArcheAge: Unchained such as the ArchePass and the contents of the latest update Shadows Revealed. Players can try out the brand-new class Swiftblade or explore the graphically enhanced areas of the massive ArcheAge world. The Unchained version will be released on October 15, together with the extensive content update.

The PTS, as of this writing, is down for some maintenance, but eager players can start to log in and check out the world once the downtime is lifted. Make sure to follow the ArcheAge Twitter for up-do-date info once the server is back online. We've been running through the PTS the last few days as part of a Media Preview and our reviewer should have the first of a few review-in-progress reports later this week. 


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