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ArcheAge Unchained Provides Update on Availability of Fresh Start Servers

NA and EU servers

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Gamigo has provided and update on the status and availability of Fresh Start Servers in ArcheAge: Unchained.

Fresh Start servers are set to be available for Silver bundles as well, including the Silver Garden of the Gods pack, and Silver Bundles for any of the base game purchases made after May 21.

From today, June 11, you should be able to access two Fresh Start servers: Stena in NA, and Crazzian in EU. Note that Auction Houses and Arenas are set to have separate clusters of Fresh Start servers.

Fresh Start servers won’t open until 2PM UTC for EU servers, 4PM PDT for NA servers. You’ll just have to log in and select the Fresh Start servers in your appropriate region to begin playing at that time.

The team also provides an update on ArchePass,

“Regarding the ArchePass, please note that the Season 3 will not be active on the Fresh Start servers. The first Season to be active our these servers will be ArchePass Season 4. Without ArchePass, life is hard, that’s why we’ve prepared some little surprises to make up for this lack.”

On the Fresh Start servers only, you’ll be able to grab the following for free. Note that you can only redeem once per account:

  • 200 Diligence Coins
  • 20 Bound Labor Rechargers


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