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ArcheAge Unchained Players Frustrated With ArchePass, Call For Devs To Disable It

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ArcheAge Unchained players aren’t happy with the ArchePass and have taken to Reddit to express their frustration.

“The big issue is that the Archepass is a gigantic influx of gold into the economy without it having any kind of gold sink accompanying it or labor lock,” writes the OP Brokenb3ars, “Before, the economy was based around labour. Even players grinding combat for money still had to spend labour to open coin purses. Farmers and crafters were likewise limited by their labour. It meant that to an extent players werent heavily punished for playing the game how they want and not dedicating their lives to it.”

The post goes on to discuss how the ArchePass heavily favors those players who can spend all day grinding dailies for gold whilst still having their labor available for use.

Another user comments,

“I think my ArchePass is like level 2. The whole system is just ridiculously cumbersome and time intensive. I’m tryna hit 55+, stack gear and PvP, not chase 1000 Vocation Badges or burn labor on Machinery tasks. Wtf.”

Still another writes,

“I agree. As a guy who has put in 16 hours a day on Thursday-Sunday and played the first 18 after launch... There is no way people are over 4kGS legit. I already broke 300 gilda (27 a day from hunting requests + achievements + other quests + story completion) and leveled my alt account to 54 plus the main being ascended 4. I run CR/GR twice a day to complete quests and do what I can on the archepass. Despite having harvested.”

In fact, another Reddit thread has opened calling to #DisableArchePass,

“I'm bored of doing 14 hours of world bosses a day,” writes the OP Shiyo, ”and being forced into 1 form of content in my ‘sandbox’ MMO. Please disable the archepass until you can hotfix it.”

Overall sentiment towards the ArchePass has been negative with most people frustrated with the sheer time commitment required.

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