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ArcheAge: Unchained Opens Fresh Start Server in NA and EU Today With Almost No Content Gating

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Today, ArcheAge: Unchained opens up its Fresh Start servers, with a series of boosts, and rewards to help those starting over with progression on their adventures. The new accelerated progression servers will run into December and reward participants.

When it comes to Fresh Start, they mean a fresh start, and there will be no content gates this time around. Kakao Games listened to the community feedback and made the decision that the content will be available at release, except Farmland, and a few small level gates to prevent exploits. There is still a wait for Land Rush, which will open on September 24th, but there's no waiting for nearly all of the content to roll out. If you start on this server and take advantage of all the progression boosts, you can go ahead and enjoy all of it.

Progression boosts come in the form of XP bonuses, Honor Point bonuses, and increased loot drop rates. The weekly quests have also been improved and should drop better loot for less grind. All of this open content and accelerated progression will only last for a limited time though. Transfers from the Fresh Start server to the regular live game servers will open on November 24th and must be completed by December 7th. 

So while these are designed to be fast-paced and let you level up quickly, you'll have to decide what you do with your character at the end. If you transfer to the live game servers there will be exclusive rewards, including a new title, Winter Graduate, Eternal Grade Infusions and Enhances, Bound Lucent Serendipity stones, and more. You’ll need a transfer ticket, but you can trade Honor points for that.

To read more about all of the bonuses, the guidelines, how the team is combating abuse, and more, head over to the Fresh Start announcement details over at ArcheAge: Unchained.


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