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ArcheAge: Unchained Land Claims Start Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For those playing the newly released ArcheAge: Unchained, land claiming starts today for many of the servers. However, not all of the servers will be participating this weekend, as gamigo staggers the claiming based on when the server was added.

The studio announced the schedule to the land claims earlier this week, detailing exactly when players on each server could dive in and claim the land. Rather than just have land claims active from the get go, the team delayed the claims and have adopted a staggered approach to the process to ensure everyone should have a fair shot at claiming be the best land parcels, and not just those who were able to get into the server before a queue.

We have taken a lot of things into consideration, one of which being the importance of the originally announced time for the housing claim to be active. The feedback provided across multiple channels is something we take very seriously and we understand the desire for a delay. After reviewing these items, we have made the decision to take a staggered approach. The land claim process for the original three servers opened at launch will proceed as scheduled on October 19th,. The servers that were brought online post launch will have their land claim times shifted to fit with when they were brought online.

The schedule for land claiming is as follows:

Land Claim Times for ArcheAge: Unchained are as follows: EUROPE Alexander, Halnak, and Belstrom - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM UTC. Tinnereph - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM UTC. Gildaron - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM UTC. NORTH AMERICA Tyrenos, Wynn, and Denistrious - Saturday, October 19th at 10AM PDT. Kaylin - Sunday, October 20th at 10AM PDT Runert - Saturday, October 26th at 10AM PDT.


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