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ArcheAge Unchained EU and NA Maintenance Patch Notes Live, Provides Update on ArchePass Boosters

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArcheAge Unchained maintenance was performed earlier, with some sweet sweet patch notes to go with it.

Shared on the official Discord, patch notes include:

  • Implemented a fix for the instance issue where players were not able to join instances
  • Implemented a fix for the siege system where defenders could be attacked immediately after respawn as well as players being able to spawn vehicles, mounts, pets and gliders during sieges.
  • The Stillwater Arena ranking period comes to an end with this update
  • A graphical UI error has been fixed in the character selection screen
  • The 50-slot Costume Closet and 50-Slot Pets & Transport Trunk have been removed from the Folio
  • The incorrect Speedboat Design has been removed from the Gilda Star Design Merchant. The correct Speedboat Design will be added in the upcoming updates. We are currently working on providing all players who bought the incorrect Speedboat Design with the correct one and let you know once the grants have been completed.

The ArchePass received changes as well

  • ArchePass Booster is set to expire until January 22. We will be allowing an additional claim of the ArchePass Booster in the Marketplace. This is to help players who had used one or more Boosters on an already completed ArchePass or not fully activated ArchePass.
  • Fixed an issue where the completion of the Supply Demand: Lumber does not progress the Blue Salts Bond mission.
  • An issue has been fixed where killing 55lvl monsters wasn’t counted for “Kill 20 Higher Grade Monsters” quest and “Kill 10 Higher Grade Monsters” quest from the ArchePass.

Community Manager Cosmo also posted an update on the ArchePass, stating that the team will be granting an additional claim of the ArchePass Booster to allow players to complete an incomplete pass if they already used one or more Boosters on already completed ArchePass,

“These are the same Boosters that can only be used on a Season 1 pass. A timer has been added that will expire prior to the 2nd Season of ArchePasses arriving. The Booster on the Marketplace will show that 4 can be claimed, this is simply because we have added an additional claim. If you have already claimed 3 beforehand, then you can only claim 1 more.”


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