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ArcheAge Unchained ArchePass Season 8: Oskmir Now Live

Live till March 11

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArcheAge Unchained has received ArchePass Season 8 called Oskmir. Here’s what’s included.

The pass will be available until March 11 and comes with a new title and new pet. In fact, the pass name gets its namesake from this pet: the Oskmir. It’s described as a Yeti-like pet which does decent melee damage through quick attack speed.

Every pass has its share of rewards, and the ArchePass is no different. There are 20 levels of rewards, with the Premium Track requiring an ArchePass Upgrade Ticket. Here’s what you can expect from a few levels of the pass:

  • Level | Basic Reward | Premium Reward
  • Level 1: Gilda Star x30 | 30-Day Traveler’s Blessing
  • Level 2: Bound Hereafter Stone x50 | Diligence Coin x50
  • Level 3: Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1 | Synthium Soap x1
  • Level 4: Solar Temper x10 | Bound Elixir of Vocation x5
  • Level 5: Honorable Potion Crate Rank 4 x1 | 30-Day Loot Drop Powerstone x1


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