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ArcheAge Unchained Announces Fresh Start Server Amid Server Merge

Fresh Start starts March 25th

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ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained's servers are getting a merger, with the "Server Evolution" for Unchained starting today. However, amid the merge, the MMO announced a new Fresh Start server, which will launch on March 25th.

ArcheAge has been teasing their "server evolution" since last month, and today is the day the servers for ArcheAge Unchained are being brought down to "evolve"..them? Servers in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained will be merged together in order to even out populations for both the North American and European playerbases. Today ArcheAge Unchained will see the server merger take place while ArcheAge tiself will happen on March 11th.

Servers for Unchained won't be back online till March 6th, so Saturday, and the company will be bringing the NA and EU servers online at different times to mitigate queues and wait times for each new server. 

March 13th will also see the anticipated Land Rush for the evolution servers in Unchained, while the same will happen in the original ArcheAge on March 20th. The exact times for both those days has yet to be announced.

However, amid all of this, ArcheAge Unchained has announced a new Fresh Start server coming on March 25th. The Fresh Start will include one server for EU and one for the NA playerbases, and will work like other Fresh Starts by having the Auction House and Instances separated from the older servers. The ArcheAge Reddit is full of players speculating the reason for announcing this so close to the merge, with one Redditor saying this must be a way to recapture those players who quit following the land rush on the new merged servers. 

Another Redditor talks about how as a new player coming into an established server, especially in a PVP game, can be intimidating, so these Fresh Start servers are a way for players to experience content before they are merged. 

Wherever you fall on the Fresh Start spectrum, the new servers will be coming on March 25th, with more information being made available in the coming weeks.


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